The First Token Burn on BTC-Alpha As a New Start


Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Our.

Recently a European exchange BTC-Alpha performed the first token burn in their history. According to their WP, their native ALP Coins were burnt based on the amount of them traded and received as payments for the services and products provided by the exchange. This resulted in the successful burn of 1,000,000 ALP Coins.

The CEO of BTC-Alpha, Vitalii Bodnar, made an announcement with the promise of multiple updates that BTC-Alpha prepares for its users. He called this token burn a new step towards the full rearrangement of the ALP economy.

ALP Coin was traded around 0.26 USD when the token burn took place but in a while it skyrocketed to 1.34 USD, as checked at the moment of writing the press release. CoinGecko shows the total growth of the token since April,16th makes an impressive 417.7%.

In his post on his LinkedIn page about this historic event, Vitalii Bodnar thanks all the users of the exchange who were supporting the ALP token and being devoted to BTC-Alpha. “During all the 5 years we existed on the crypto market, we always worked hard on providing the best quality service, and never disappointed our users. This token burn is an important step ahead to a new stage of our development”.

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