Ron Paul Supports Bitcoin, Bashes IRS


Retired politician and former Congressman from Texas, Ron Paul said that the most appropriate way to deal with Bitcoin is to legalize it. Further, he criticized the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and mentioned that there is no need for IRS.

Paul expressed his views about the world’s leading cryptocurrency during an episode of the Stephan Livera podcast. The former US Presidential candidate outlined his interest in Bitcoin and asked the government to legalize cryptocurrencies as soon as possible.

“I thought the important thing is that we should do whatever we can to make it legal,” Paul said. He did not disclose the exact amount he is holding in BTC, but he certainly possesses some amount as he received his first BTC from Bitcoin Foundation in 2019.

While talking about the taxes on crypto assets, Paul said: “There is no need to even tax cryptocurrencies.” The former politician has always been a prominent supporter of Gold and said that it was illegal to own gold before 1975, and he does not want something like that to happen with the ‘digital gold’ Bitcoin.

Against IRS

The former congressman has always criticized the role of IRS in the US financial system. In an interview with Fox Business, he said: “The way income tax is collected is unconstitutional, and we don’t need the IRS.”

In the recent podcast, he repeated his stance and mentioned that he does not even believe in the IRS. Finance Magnates earlier reported about the IRS sending notices to the US investors for under-reporting crypto gains. The agency has targeted US-based crypto investors recently and sent wrong notices to people due to a lack of regulation and a legal framework for reporting cryptocurrency gains.

Paul added that the most important thing is freedom of choice. “The perfect system is freedom of choice, then you and I can decide exactly what we should use as our monetary system,” the former congressman said.

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