HTC to Launche Exodus 2 Blockchain Smartphone Later in 2019


HTC unveiled plans to launch the second generation of its flagship blockchain-focused smartphone, the Exodus 2, as the struggling manufacturer says the first version’s sales met its expectations.

Phil Chen, HTC’s chief decentralized officer, said in the investment trend forum held at Taipei 101 last week that he expects the release date to come before the end of 2019.

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He added that the development of blockchain technology could be seen as analogous to the commercial value of petroleum from the 1900s onward. “The benefit of blockchain lies in the accessibility to data while ensuring privacy for users,” Chen stated while also revealing that cryptocurrency users were the major source of demand for the Taiwanese phone maker’ Exodus 1.

The HTC executive also noted that new startups that engage in cryptocurrency trading had increased demand for the blockchain-centric device.

The ‎‎Exodus 2 will support more decentralized applications (DApp), says Chen. The Android smartphone already features crypto-linked functions such as a cold ‎storage crypto wallet, secure exchange access, encrypted ‎communications and a P2P resource ‎sharing ecosystem for payment and apps.‎

Meanwhile, Chen didn’t reveal the price tag of Exodus 2, but the early access for the first version was available at nearly $960 per unit, placing it on similar footing with premium smartphones in the market like iPhone XS and Galaxy S9.

HTC continues to embrace the ‎blockchain trend

HTC also has recently partnered with web browser Opera to roll out a cryptocurrency micropayments functionality. The most interesting addition was an app called Numbers, which transparently tracks user data and then allows users to sell their personal info a list of companies in cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, one of the important features to come is the inclusion of exodus phones to create a ‎native blockchain network, acting as nodes to facilitate cryptocurrency ‎trading among the phone users.‎

‎ HTC is not the first to consider producing a blockchain powered phone as the Israeli ‎startup SIRIN LABS is already touting its Finney product as ‎the world’s first blockchain phone.

In turn, Opera was the first ever full-fledged browser to adopt cryptocurrencies. In July 2018, the Norwegian company launched the world’s first internet browser with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet with its Android mobile application.

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