Blackmoon and Rivver to Introduce a Crypto-Backed ETx


Blackmoon, a blockchain-based fintech company, has partnered with Rivver to create a branded exchange-traded index (ETx) for digital assets.

“Knowing that one can liquidate his or her investment without an impact to price, is a key risk-metric to any and all investment decisions,” the companies write in the press release announcing their partnership. “An STO that supports a thriving and liquid market, immediately increases its perceived value, even if its product, bottom-line or management is not as high a quality as its competitors. The liquidity of the marketplace defines the risk for an investor and the success of the issuer. Without the ease of execution and liquidity, any STO will have limited success, if any at all.”

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The Blackmoon-issued ETx will “incentivise traders and speculators to take the risk in the market, by offering them a fungible financial product to arbitrage for profit – further adding bids and offers to an STO that would otherwise not exist – effectively creating a balanced and stable price.”

“We are very excited to be collaborating with Blackmoon,” David Benizri, CEO of Rivver, said. “Blackmoon’s innovative ETx approach is unique and necessary for the digitized securities ecosystem and we are very happy to be able to offer this added value to our clients,” he added.

Indexing Tokens

Cyprus-registered Blackmoon entered the United States market last year in November with its private coin offerings. Last month, it has also launched a new asset token called Binance ETx which is linked to the performance of the most-traded coins on Binance.

In addition, the firm has introduced an asset token – Prime Meridian Capital token (BMxPMR) – to track the performance of the Prime Meridian Real Estate Lending Fund.

“Blackmoon and Rivver share a vision and it’s because of this that we are pleased to have discovered such an incredible organization to associate with. We are eager to release the Rivver ETx products as soon as possible to offer this amazing investment opportunity to eligible investors globally,” said Moshe Joshua, chief product officer at Blackmoon.

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