SEC Continues Fraud ICO Push, the Power of Stablecoins: The Weekly Show


Will governments use stablecoins to wage currency wars against one another? And what’s the latest with tZERO? We discussed all this and more in with News Anchor and Journalist, Layah Heilpern at BloxLive TV in our latest edition of The Weekly Show.

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Will governments use corporate stablecoins for economic battles?

This week Finance Magnates posed the question – will governments use corporate stablecoins to wage their own economic battles? With big players entering the ring, such as Facebook and Walmart, as well as central banks becoming increasingly interested in stablecoins, these digital assets could begin to have a lot of power.

This would be particularly true if a company’s users or customers were properly incentivized to transact with them – and with the right kinds of “pegging” mechanisms, this power could directly feed into the strength of a country’s national currency.

SEC sues VERI Token issuers

New York resident Reginald Middleton and two companies controlled by him – Veritaseum Inc. and Veritaseum LLC were charged this past week for conducting a fraudulent and unregistered initial coin offering (ICO) between late 2017 and 2018.

As Finance Magnates reported, the securities watchdog alleged that the companies raised $14.8 million through the sale of VERI tokens. The SEC also charged the firm for material misrepresentations and omissions to the investors of the coin and has requested the court to issue an emergency freeze on the defendants’ related assets.

tZero launches TZROP

Overstock’s blockchain subsidiary tZero has opened up trading of its security token for retail investors through a preferred equity security token called TZROP. However, this investment opportunity is only available to the account holders of Dinosaur Financial on its Pro Trading platform.

The token will allow both retail and professional investors to directly participate in the company’s revenue growth via a quarterly dividend model. It is considering to distribute ten percent of the token’s adjusted gross revenue to its security token holders. 

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