New Zealand Digital Asset Exchange Dasset Adds Bitcoin SV Support


New Zealand digital asset exchange, Dasset, recently announced that it has officially introduced support for Bitcoin SV (BSV) on its trading platform, with the BSV/NZD and BSV/BTC trading pairs now listed and available for use on the exchange.

According to a statement from the exchange on Thursday, Dasset has decided to launch the two new trading pairs, including a fiat currency trading pair for BSV, following the continued growing interest in Bitcoin SV.

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The SV in Bitcoin SV stands for Satoshi Vision, with the virtual currency marketing itself as the ‘original Bitcoin’ which stays true to the goals of pseudonymous founder, Satoshi Nakamoto. The crypto was born following Bitcoin Cash suffering a hard fork in 2018.

The main aim of the virtual currency is to deliver stability and achieve scalability. According to the project’s website, “Bitcoin SV is intended to provide a clear choice for miners and allow businesses to build applications and websites on it reliably.”

Commenting on the changes at Dasset, Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of Bitcoin Association said in the statement: “A key element in ensuring that the Bitcoin SV growth story continues across the globe is making the process of onboarding new users a fast and simple process. 

“With the introduction of a new fiat on-ramp to buy and sell BSV at Dasset, that process just got easier for people across New Zealand and Australia, who now have another reputable, lawfully-registered service provider to use as an onboarding option into the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.”

Dasset Launched BSV to Give Users Choice

Founded in 2017, Dasset is a digital asset trading platform serving retail, professional and institutional customers in New Zealand and Australia. The company is registered as a Financial Service Provider in New Zealand. However, it is not regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) as the country does not yet have specific crypto legislation.

“Cryptocurrency has always been a battle of ideas,” added the CEO of Dasset, Stephen Macaskill in the statement. “We recently listed Bitcoin SV to give customers the opportunity to discover, and ultimately decide, which crypto assets will best serve their digital future.”

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