Chinese Bitcoin Hardware Manufacturer MicroBT Launches new Miners as Halving Approaches


According to the announcement by the company’s COO Jianbing Chen during a virtual conference, the new devices are the WhatsMiner M30S+. M30S++ and the M31S+. The new Bitcoin mining products come just like Bitcoin’s halving event is only a few weeks away. The new machines might come into heavy use as many miners are hoping to get as much as they can from the upcoming halving, by making sure their hardware is standard.

The COO also pointed to the company’s growth in sales in the last two years. Chen said that in 2018, the company’s WhatsMiner M3 series sold 300,000 units, representing 9% of the network’s hash power. Last year, the Whatsminer M20 series sold 600,000 units, and according to him, this represents 35% of the hash power.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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